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Top 10 Best Spa In Singapore Of 2021

Have you been feeling stressed over the past few months? It could be time to get some pampering from the best spa in Singapore. The region has several spas but the quality that you get varies from one place to another. 

That is why you need to check out the best places to get spa treatment in Singapore. You need a spa that will guarantee you a great day of indulgence and relaxation. It is something that you really deserve whenever you are visiting a spa in Singapore. 

The Best Spas in Singapore 

best spa in Singapore

Now, let’s discuss the top 10 best spas in Singapore in 2021 that will help you to a great extent. 

1. SO, Spa 

The initials SO Spa typically stand for Sofitel Spa. It has experience of more than 15 years and has expert aestheticians and therapists. These experts will guarantee you an unforgettable experience in the Spa.  

SO Spa has treatment options that are grounded in the practices of French cosmetology. It offers body massages, facials, and all the essential body oil scrubs. 

This Spa features mini bungalow-like spa suits for couples, volcanic mud seating places, and meditation labyrinths. It is a perfect place for you and your friends to rejuvenate especially when on a holiday. 

2. My Cozy Room Boutique Spa 

This is an award-winning spa in Singapore that has great customer reviews. It offers gentle but thorough extraction treatments with limited redness and pain. Most of the professional therapists in this establishment have experience of over eight years. 

This boutique has sparkling interiors that you will definitely love. It is located in a unique heritage house just off Orchard Road. It is renowned for the extraction facial services that it offers in Singapore.  

The boutique is an all-in-one facial treatment center. It offers customizable services that will meet your skin type and conditions. You will not experience any redness of pain that is associated with extraction when you visit this spa. 

3. Nimble/Knead

When looking for the best couple spa in Singapore, this is one of the places that you should head to. It has so many treatment options and it is situated in the heartlands. It is a center that specializes in couples’ massages and spas. 

50% of all the available rooms are specially designed for couples. The bath therapies that this spa offers also targets couples. You will also get Swedish, Balinese, Thai, and also foot massages at the Nimble/Knead. It is a great place if you are looking for the best spa in Singapore. 

4. Yunomori Onsen and Spa 

This establishment has several spa options including the Japanese Onsen baths and Japanese-themed food options. It offers Thai treatments as well as Japanese Onsen traditional therapies. 

The spa uses different forms of mineral-rich warm waters to relax and detoxify your body. You can be sure of benefiting from the healing effects that come from professional Thai massage. 

Some of the services that you will get from Onsen include cold bath, silk bath, jet bath, soda spas, and bubble bath. The experience and benefits that you get from each of these treatments vary. Therefore, it is up to you to choose the one that you need depending on your needs. 

5. Ikeda Spa Prestige 

This facility boasts of being the first trustworthy Japanese spa place in Singapore. It has over ten years of experience in personalized spa services. The interiors of the spa will make you feel as if you are in Japan. 

It is the only day spa and has a Japanese Zen garden. You can take a meditative walk in this place as you sip the traditional green tea. The facility offers a traditional Japanese detoxification ritual (Ganbanyoku) that will revitalize both your body and mind. 

6. G Spa 

If you are looking for the best Spa in Singapore that operates 24 hours a, then you need to consider G Spa. The center offers spa options that come with sauna facilities, steam rooms, and cold and hot pools. 

This spa also offers a broad range of body scrubs, foot massages, body wraps, body massages, and facials. It is also an excellent place to go for corporate retreats. You will also get a buffet-style menu of the traditional signature to fill your stomach in this place. 

7. Spa Esprit 

Spa Esprit offers a mix of modern and traditional techniques. It has multiple branches that offer a personal blend of various body products. The homegrown apothecary makes it the best spa in Singapore. 

The spa was established in 1996 and from that time, it has been reinvented several times. It brings the best worlds of both the traditional and modern techniques. The center offers a variety of facials, body treatments, and massages. 

Since the spa has multiple branches, you can always go for the one that is closest to you. The services are specially designed to meet your unique needs. 

8. The Thai Spa 

This is a center for the best couple spa in Singapore. It is located in the city of Suntec and so many people head there after work. The place offers aromatherapy, ancient rituals, and traditional therapy. 

All these things are combined to give you a Thai experience that will make your whole body relax. You will get a couples massage in a private jacuzzi with a complimentary honey milk bath. It also offers traditional Thai massage to assist you to release tension in your body muscles.  

Other services include slimming therapies, Balinese massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Thai reflexology, and peppermint body scrub. Thai Spa also specializes on facials that include the Thai herbal mask and extraction. All the therapy rooms are fitted with a shower and you can have ultimate privacy in any of them after the treatment. 

9. Asian Wellness Spa 

This Spa is situated within the One Farrer Spa and Hotel. You will be able to energize your soul, body, and mind in this place. The spa is situated within the lush green gardens and offers a variety of body and face therapies that will maximize your total well-being. 

The Spa features Japanese-style Onsens, relaxation gardens, as well as a reflexology walk. It also provides traditional TCM therapies like cupping, tui na, and acupressure facials. 

10. Aramsa Garden Spa

Are you looking for a spa in a garden experience? All you need to do is head to Aramsa. The facility has 17 rooms that are elegantly designed and several outdoor showers. The Spa is strategically located at the center of Bishan Park. 

The garden is a great place to take your mind off the bustle and hustle of the busy city. It is also a therapeutic hydrotherapy bath shower that will immediately revitalize you. You will also get herbal and organic spas with three to four therapies that last for more than 150 minutes. 


If you are looking for the best spa in Singapore, choose any from the above list. You can choose any of the above options depending on what you wish to get from the Spa. The most important thing is to get a Spa that will serve you with a very high level of diligence. 

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