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Top 10 Famous spa for foot reflexology in Singapore

If you are a tired reveler then you definitely need a foot massage. If you are also looking for a much quicker way of getting relaxed then a foot massage is one of the surest ways you can use to this realization. Foot reflexology is and remains a natural way of addressing some of the common health problems. 

This is done by the process of applying pressure to specific points of the body which are all linked to essential body organs. This practice because of its benefits has grown over the world and continues to be embraced as a proper way of treating anxiety and even headaches. 

The best and reliable foot reflexology centers in Singapore 

foot reflexology

Given the essence of this service, you might at some point in your life feel the need to get into a proper foot reflexology point. However, finding the right place for such a process given its essence is not a very easy thing. With so many bogus such establishments, it might not be easy for you to tell which one amongst them is the right one for you. 

This is why this discussion takes a look at some of the top famous spa foot reflexology in Singapore. If you are looking for these services then these places should be the best options available for you. Go through them to determine which one amongst these many that are available best suits your needs. 

1. Feet Haven 

This is a top and famous foot reflexology that was established back in the year 2011. Having been in this business for such a long period of time Feet Haven is such a fantastic place for relaxing foot reflexology. If you are in need of a therapeutic signature foot session complemented with the best soothing music then this is such a good place for you to be. 

2. Wan Yang 

If you are looking for one of the oldest centers for foot reflexology then this is a place you need to be in Singapore. The foot reflexology point has been around since the year 1989 creating more than 15 outlets in Singapore over the same period. 

The SPA ideology in this place is based on the provision of natural healing together with health promotion. All this is done possibly by top-of-the-line trained therapists who have a signature way of carrying out this foot reflexology. These experts focus more on the stronger strokes located along with the foot pressure points. 

3. My foot reflexology

My foot reflexology point is one of the foot reflexology establishments that have risen over the years to a big giant root massage body. The body started off with just 4 therapists in a very small place. This establishment prides itself as a body that employs and also trains individuals with disabilities. 

What this company does is provides employment opportunities for people who are visually impaired. The training here is done in such a way that the people trained to offer the best foot therapy services of the highest quality possible. 

4. Nimble 

At Nimble the most important thing that matters is service delivery. The establishment values so much the delivery of quality services and has invested so much in it because of the same. If you need the best and ultimate experience then this is the place you need to be. 

Going above and beyond to make sure that there is the delivery of the best services this is such a fantastic place for you to be. If you think and believe that you deserve the best then you need to be heading to Nimble. 

5. My Happy Feet

If you are looking for foot reflexology and other massage services that come in a resort-like ambiance then this is the place for you to be. This is a resort that was founded back in the year 2008 right at the heart of holland village and has since gained a following since that time. 

If you are a client at this place, you can relax and enjoy some of the best foot reflexology chart massages in a dark but ambient room. After this session, you will be offered a proper complimentary lemongrass tea to refresh after this process. 

6. Herbal Footcare Health & Beauty Centre 

This is another foot reflexology establishment that was established back in the year 1991. The center offers the best 24-hour foot reflexology together with massage services in Singapore. This massage parlor is one that can be dependent on for the best foot massage. 

7. Chen Kang Wellness 

This is a well-known company as well as an established company that majors in wellness as well as therapy. It has more than one dozen branches spread across Singapore. The spa focuses more on the delivery of oriental together with holistic wellness sessions and foot reflexology charts to their clients. 

8. Han Dynasty SPA 

If you are looking to embrace the tranquility of a hidden gem then this is the place you need to be. Having been established back in the year 2012, Han comes with the best exquisite treatment rooms. These rooms also come with an uplifting ambiance aimed at giving you the best experience during foot reflexology

9. Comfort Zone Foot Wellness 

This is yet another one of the establishments that have specialized in foot reflexology massage since the year 2009. It comes with a large clientele that cannot be found in any other area. The special thing about comfort zones is that it offers you a massage that allows your stress to easily melt away. 

10. Solehouse

If you are dying for a foot reflexology treatment then this is the place you need to book yourself into. The Solehouse offers the best foot massage which is offered in luxurious rooms to offer you an experience like no other during this entire session. 


If you are in Singapore and looking for the best foot reflexology in Singapore then the places listed above are where you need to be. Offering the best massage meant to suit your needs, you can count on these places at any given time you need a proper massage. 

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