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Singapore Events: What’s Happening In Singapore?

Singapore is a city-state with more than 5 million inhabitants. It is culturally diversified, where the English language is the common language used for communication. However, you will also find Malay, Tamil, and Chinese, which are also considered official languages.

Singapore acts as an entrance gate for tourists who want to enter Southeast Asia. With the incredible skyscrapers, chaos, nature, and cultural mix, Singapore is worth at least a visit.

Singapore has many things to offer. However, perhaps the key highlight of Singapore is its lush green scenery, colorful festivals, and exotic islands. In this article, we will take you through some of the popular Singapore events.

Singapore Events And Attractions: Things To Do (At A Glance):

Welcome to the beautiful island country of Singapore! From towering skyscrapers and cutting-edge technology to the delicious culinary scene, Singapore has something for everyone.

So, we dug deep and have compiled a list featuring the best of Singapore! Whether you are a shopaholic, a culture connoisseur, or just a foodie, Singapore won’t disappoint – this cosmopolitan city is home to some of the best attractions in the world with an impeccable public transportation system.

With a bustling city center and a beautiful skyline, Singapore is a popular tourist destination – scroll down to find out more.

1. Singapore Changi Airport:

“One of the most beautiful airports in the world. You could spend an entire day here walking through different terminals. Amazing infrastructure and passenger facilities. Lots of space and the planning made sure that the airport could accommodate hundreds of people without causing a feeling of congestion. The staff is really nice too.”

2. Merlion Park:

“Clean and beautiful place, it can be overcrowded most times and hence taking a good picture needs patience as theirs a queue for the perfect spot. There are restaurants and sitting areas around so you can relax from the ever-humid Singapore sun after the photos.”

3. Singapore Flyer:

“Definitely a very cool experience! It was 40 dollars, which is not cheap, but the view was worth it! I bought the ticket on a Saturday afternoon, and it was all fine. There was a small line. Fun intro part about Singapore and it’s history. The lights were very nice to see.”

4. Active Garden:

“I strolled through this place to get acquainted with Singapore and saw beautiful spots. Active Garden offers a refreshing blend of nature and city life, providing a delightful experience. A must-visit for those exploring the essence of Singapore.”

5. SuperTree Grove:

“Make sure to walk the park in the day time and then go back for a night walk. Also, you will want to see the evening light show. The entry is free. It is well-mapped and marked. Lots of small trails off the main trail. Enjoyed wandering around.”

6. Flower Dome:

“A classic tourist attraction in Singapore, but I still love visiting it from time to time. The indoor garden is super nice with superb air conditioning, perfect for a walk. The only downside is that it’s always packed with visitors, making it less ideal for photos.”

7. Singapore Zoo:

“A wonderful experience at the zoo. Probably the most beautiful and well maintained zoo we’ve visited in the world. Definitely worth it getting there early as there is a lot to do. They do such a great job catering for children. Worth it exploring all the experiences. A must see when visiting Singapore.”

8. ArtScience Museum:

“A must visit place in Singapore. I went to the future world exhibition, and it felt like I entered a whole different world. It was so enjoyable, and I felt like I was a kid again. Got many activities to do. I recommend buying tickets early. Good for kids and adults alike. Would love to visit again.”

9. Singapore Botanic Gardens:

“Singapore Botanic Gardens is a beautiful and serene oasis in the heart of the bustling city of Singapore. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular spot for locals and tourists alike to enjoy nature, relax, and explore the diverse plant life. The gardens are well-maintained and offer a peaceful escape from the urban environment.”

10. Clarke Quay:

“A bustling area on the water front with quaint cafes to enjoy a great evening. With stunning views of the Singapore River Waterfront, the place is very popular with tourists. One can even take a boat ride in eco friendly boats which glide silently over the river.”

Singapore Events: What’s Happening In Singapore?

With plenty of things to do in Singapore, it can be confusing to decide the right time to visit Singapore. The island always has something to offer year-round.

Here, we have prepared a calendar for you showcasing the best events.

1. Singapore Art Week

Creativity and inspiration are bound to the Singapore Art Week (SAW). It is a festival that brings together Connoisseurs, Aficionados, and artists from all across the world to celebrate art. This event takes place in January and lasts for a complete week.

This week-long festival boasts a neverending lineup of art exhibitions, workshops, tours, and everything related to art and creativity. At Singapore Art Week, visitors discover inspiration from everything they see.

2. International Champions Cup

Sports fanatics can expect thrills of international gameplay in the International Champion Cup. When July comes, people prepare themselves for the International Champions Cup. The International Cup is one of the world-renowned football leagues representing some of the best teams.

The last match in 2019 saw four of the best teams in the world going toe-toe against each other for the Trophy. Although the 2020 International Champions Cup was canceled due to the pandemic, people have high expectations for 2021.

3. National Day Parade

Anniversaries are national events that need to be celebrated with gusto to show how proud they are. And Singapore certainly knows how to party hard, especially when talking about their national parade day.

For the national parade day, the city is decorated with bright colors. You will see flags lining up the building, patriotic songs flowing in through the air, and people wearing red and white dresses to show their patriotism.

Singapore’s National Parade Day is all about aerial displays, showcasing military power, and multicultural performances.

4. Singapore Night Festival

Every year, the Singapore Night Festival features a theme. The importance of the themes can be evaluated by the fact that the Singapore Night Festival featured Garden of Angel in 2015 and The Duel in 2018.

When we talk about Singapore Night Festivals, expect interactive light installations scattered all over the arts and heritage district. This visually attractive commission and collaboration are brought to life with the help of local and regional artists.

As always, the Singapore Night Festival always has something new every year. Although it got canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, people expect to enjoy this year with lifted restrictions.

5. Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival is also known as the Spring of Lanterns and is quite a popular event in Singapore. It marks the last day of the Chinese New Year and is celebrated with glowing lanterns everywhere.

On Lantern Festival day, kids carry paper lanterns outside, light them up, and release them into the sky. When there are hundreds of lanterns in the sky, it looks like something out of the world. To best experience this event, we would like you to visit Chinatown.

6. Singapore Grand Prix

Was that a surprise event for you to know that the Grand Prix is held in Singapore? Grand Prix is held every year in Singapore and allows people to experience a thrill and feel the rush. The whole track is electrified with the cheers of the audience.

The Singapore Grand Prix is different from the other Grand Prix because the race happens through the city. Once the race is over, there are post-race parties and events that people can join to extend their fun time.

7. Dragon Boat Festival

It is a cultural festival that originated in China thousands of years ago. This festival is also called the fifth double festival, as it falls on the fifth day of the fifth month of the year.

During this event, dragon boats compete against each other worldwide, wherever Chinese communities are present. That includes Singapore. The spectators line up to see their favorite team winning. People consume rice dumplings and realgar wine while enjoying the show.

8. Navaratri

Navratri is one of the major festivals of Indians and is celebrated in the month of October. Although the festival has nine significant days for the festival, the whole month is considered holy. The Navratri refers to the nine lights of the forms of Maa Parvati. The festival is celebrated all around the world where Indians live.

The same is celebrated in Singapore at the Sri Thandayuthapani temple. This temple echoes the worship chants and mantras for the nine nights and days.

9. Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights and marks the defeat of Narakasura by Lord Krishna. This day is celebrated worldwide by the Hindus as the day of triumph of light over darkness or good over evil.

At the same time, it marks the start of the new year for Hindus. During this festival, everything is decorated with candles and lamps. Streets are full of beautiful clothing and sweets. 

10. Nine Emperor Gods Festival

This Chinese festival lasts for nine days following the lunar calendar. Most festivals and activities center around the Nine Emperor Gods at the upper Serangoon temple. This is a noisy celebration as the Chinese worship the Nine Supreme gods to bring them good fortune, prosperity, and good health.

Priests write protective charms with their blood, and the festival comes to an end with a parade of nine gods. 

And It’s A Wrap!

Singapore is the country where the East meets the West. Hence, you can easily find a mix of Asian and European cultures. The vastness of Singapore can be evaluated by the fact that it has four official languages. Moreover, being a peace-loving country, it has attracted several immigrants from all around the world.

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