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The BEST Singapore Massage Parlors to Pamper Yourself on Vacation

We bet that sitting at your working table during the pandemic has made your back stiff. We can hear how your body is screaming for shooting and revitalizing body massage. So why not treat yourself to the best Singapore massage this weekend?

You must be wondering how that is possible during the pandemic. Here is the good news: if you have been vaccinated, many nations accept visitors from foreign lands. One such country is Singapore.

Whenever we think about the best places for s complete body massage therapy, Singapore is one of the top names on many people’s lists. The reason is simple, Singapore is filled with cultures with a strong connection to spiritualism and massage therapy.

This article will talk about massage, its health benefits, and some of the top Massage parlors In Singapore.

So, What Is Massage Therapy?

A massage therapist is a combination of different types of hand motions, pressing, kneading, stroking, and rubbing your skin and muscles. During massage therapy, the therapist will use different types of pressuring techniques in your body parts to ease up accumulated pain in your body.

The history of massage therapy can be traced back thousands of years. The interesting fact of the messages is that every reason has something special to offer.

This is where Singapore becomes the best massage hub where different communities live. In short, Singapore massage parlors cater to a wide range of massage therapy.

Singapore Massage Benefits:

When we talk about the benefits of massage therapy, deep relaxation, and complete peace are what people want to experience. It is a therapeutic experience where you are asked to relax and nothing else. This is what makes massage therapy so much worth the time.

Here are a few additional benefits that come with massage therapy.

  • Stimulates lymphatic system.
  • Reduce anxiety.
  • Reduce muscle tension.
  • Increase blood circulation.
  • Boost the immune system.

The BEST Singapore Massage Parlors to Pamper Yourself on Vacation:

Singapore massage parlors come in different shapes and sizes. Each has something different to offer, which makes them all the best in what they do.

However, there are always some of the best among the best. So, we have created a list by curating the best Singapore massage parlor you can visit for complete relaxation.

1. The Thai Spa:

One of the best grades of massage you can ever get is Thai massage. They are unique and believed to be more impactful. Fortunately, Singapore has The Thai Spa to offer your Nguyen Thai massage.

The name of the establishment indicates that everything you experience inside the walls is related to Thai massage. Moreover, the Thai Massage that you experience in The Thai Spa will help you experience peace of mind, allowing you to relieve all the tension and stress from your body.

Service Highlights:

  • Swedish and Balkiness massage.
  • Facial, skin, and body treatment.
  • Experience a combination of both traditional and modern massage therapy.

2. Aramsa The Garden Spa:

The key highlight of the Singapore massage parlor is that it is located near a national park that allows the customers to enjoy the natural beauty of nature. Believe it or not, The Aramsa Spa offers one of the most attractive spas in Singapore.

Aside from the visual delicacies, the spa will not disappoint you with the services, amenities, and packages.

In fact, most of the customers who have visited the Spa believe that if we see Aramsa in terms of the amenities and services they offer combined with the mesmerizing natural view, it can easily become the Singapore massage parlor.

Service Highlights:

  • Private spaces.
  • Yoga practices.

3. Healing Touch:

The name certainly stands up to its reputation. The Singapore massage parlor with the name Healing touch certainly heals the inner wound caused by stress and anxiety.

It has been operating in Singapore for the last decades and has also won multiple awards for offering top-class therapeutic massages. 

Most massage therapy you would see in Healing touch is influenced by the Asian massage tradition. In addition to that, you can also enjoy the slimming services that help with exfoliation and bring out healthy skin.

Service Highlights:

  • Slimming detoxification.
  • Reasonable prices.

4. Pure Relaxology:

Do you feel like your meridians are less active nowadays and are restricting you from 100% efficiency? If that is the case, visiting Pure Reflexology might be the best way to unclog those meridians. 

Moreover, at Pure Reflexology, the masseurs use the traditional Ruo Shi method to activate your meridians and balance the Qi flow in your body. This is done by relaxing your muscles with the Ruo Shi Massage method.

Service Highlights:

  • Use the traditional Ruo Shi massage method.
  • Ease up muscle tension and relax your body.

5. Squeeze:

We love this spa parlor. Squeeze might be the best place to visit if you want to experience both the best massage therapy and spiritual therapy. Moreover, Squeeze is a contemporary massage apothecary that follows traditional techniques in the cultivation of bodily wellness. 

Moreover, it has a boutique setup that brings a part of the greenery from nature into the concrete oasis. After you enter Squeeze, you will feel at home. So, the services are welcoming and make it feel like you are closer to nature.

Services Highlights:

  • Surrounded by greenery.
  • Cozy interiors.
  • Combo massage therapy.

And It’s A Wrap!

With that, we have our top Singapore massage parlors for you. So, we hope you have benefited from this article, and the next time you are in pain, you will use this article as a reference to find a place well suited to your needs.

While you are going through this article, we would like you to bring up the additional things you can invest in apart from massage therapy.

Some of the establishments we have talked about here offer yoga sessions that could really be beneficial for your health and improve your overall health condition.

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