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10 Things To Do In Singapore For In Your Holiday

There are so many things to do in Singapore especially during the summer season. The season brings with it the images of dazzling blue bright skies. You will also experience an infectious light-heart atmosphere and sunshiny days that you cannot ignore. 

People relax better in the hot weather and the summer holidays allow you to discover the best things that Singapore offers to visitors. There are so many fun things to do in Singapore and this article just covers a few of them. You can discover the other thing by being curious as an out-going tourist. 

10 Things to Do in Singapore

things to do in Singapore

There are so many things to do in Singapore. It is a city-state that has something for everyone regardless of your needs. The main defining elements are the budget and the time that you have at your disposal. 

You will not miss where to go in Singapore even if you are operating on a limited budget and time. The most important thing is to plan well for your trip. You can still find some marvelous free things to do in Singapore. Here are some suggestions on how you can spend your time when touring Singapore: 

1. Singapore International Festival of Arts or SIFA

This is a fantastic event that takes place every year starting from the end of July until the start of September. As a visitor, you will be able to enjoy the authentic dances, music, performances and theatre of Singapore. It is something that you will not want to miss when touring this region. 

To engage with the theme of the festival, all you need to do is visit The O.P.E.N. This festival introduces the audiences to the issues and ideas that are presented in SIFA. It is an excellent starting point for anyone who is planning to tour Singapore. 

2. Singapore Self-Guided Tour

Are you looking for free things to do in Singapore? You can download an MP3 that will help you to discover several things in Singapore on your own. 

These guides have a detailed map that will familiarize you with different places in Singapore. By the time you will be moving to Singapore, you will be able to explore so many things without paying a tour guide. You will come across so many tourist trails that will tempt you.

3. Singapore Botanical Garden 

The Singapore Botanical Garden is situated on Cluny Road. It is a 158-year-old sanctuary that is the only tropical garden globally to be listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The garden has an ideal setting for relaxation and tranquility. 

You will be able to immerse yourself in the virgin rainforest. You also get a chance of stopping by the National Orchid Garden that has over 1000 species of orchid. You will not get stuck on where to go in Singapore when you have the Singapore Botanical garden in mind. 

4. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum 

This temple has a calming atmosphere and impressive architecture that delivers a perfect opportunity for learning about Buddhism. You can visit these welcoming environments during ceremonies and conclude your visit at an onsite restaurant. It is an excellent move because it supports the temple’s conservation. 

5. Singapore Food Festival

The cuisines of Singapore will allow you to enjoy the rich culture of the region. These festivals normally occur in July and the vibrant atmosphere is a great treat for those people who wish to discover the local culture of Singapore. 

You can experience both traditional and contemporary dining in Singapore’s food stalls. The other things to enjoy here include cooking workshops and chef collaborations. You will not regret taking your time to tour the Singapore food festival. 

6. Singapore Grandpix 

If you are a Formula 1 aficionado, you can’t miss an opportunity of visiting the Singapore Grand Prix. This event happens around the Marina Bay region in September. It allows you to feel the adrenaline in the spectacular skyline of the city as the backdrop. 

7. Singapore Symphony Orchestra 

The concert season of Orchestra has a spectacular program and line up for Singapore guest artists. You can purchase tickets for the much-anticipated concerts. If you are looking for free things to do in Singapore, you can enjoy some of the breathtaking concerts at no cost at all. An Example of locations that offer these free concerts in the Singapore Botanical Gardens

8. Chinatown Heritage Center

This center has a collection of each day items that will lead you back in time. This center has recreated the living conditions of the early settlers of the city lovingly. It will teach you about the historic gang turf wars together with the consequences of the second world war. 

9. The Battlebox 

This tourist attraction center is situated at the center of the city. The former WW2 Underground British center in Fort Canning Hill is currently a museum. It guides tourists via a disastrous episode in the local history.  

While here, you will be able to learn about the fall of Singapore and Malaya during the second world war. The other thing that you will learn is the function of the British-helm command center. 

10. The Great Singapore Sale

The annual Great Singapore Sale is a heaven for shopaholics that bring fantastic retailers from June running to August. Hundreds of attractions, hotels, restaurants and stores participate in this event. It gives tourists lots of shopping opportunities, tantalizing menus, and irresistible offers. 


There are so many things to do in Singapore and you can take advantage of the many splendors that this region has to offer. The city-state basically has something for everyone, especially during the summer season. If you are planning a city to Singapore, you can be sure of getting the best experiences. 

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