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Best Hair Loss Treatment Centers In Singapore

Hair loss, regardless of age and gender, affects self-esteem and confidence. In some of the most extreme cases, it directly pushes the patients into the deep darkness of depression, putting a dent in their productivity and physical health.

There are far too many people who stay silent about their hair loss issues or could find the right treatment to deal with their problems. Those who want to break this cycle and seek the right medical attention have little understanding of the effectiveness of the different types of hair loss treatment.

The sole purpose is to offer you relevant information about the types of hair loss treatment and let you know which treatment will work for you.

Moreover, if you live in a different country and have just set foot in Singapore, you will encounter several hair-related problems. This usually happens due to changes in the weather.

Before we can get the hair loss treatment, let’s have a look at the reasons that escalate the hair loss.

Causes Of Hair Loss

Although there are just too many reasons that catalyze the hair loss process, we believe that the following reasons contribute the most.

1. Stress

Stress is the progenitor that initiates the hair loss process. You will find that the hair loss started while you were going through a challenging phase in your life. The reason for the hair loss can be the Telogen Effluvium. It is when your scalp grows old and ends its lifecycle.

This usually happens after 90 days of experiencing something stressful. There are no particular events that can be defined as stressful situations. You can consider any situation where you are on edge the whole time.

2. Scalp Infection

If you think that bathing every day keeps your scalp clean, then think again. Every scalp is different and needs different kinds of care. If not taken care of properly, it becomes infected. If that happens, your scalp becomes infested with bacteria damaging your scalp.

3. Pattern Hair Loss

Pattern hair loss is one of the common hair loss problems in males and females. This happens due to hormonal changes in the human body that are more hereditary. 

4. Typing Your Hair Too Tightly

This problem is common for people who tie their hair into ponytails. Tying your hair in ponytails puts pressure on the hair roots and damages the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss.

5. Medicinal Side Effects

If you are on medication, ensure that those drugs do not have any side effects on your hair. For example, some medicines have power and consist of anticoagulants. This might result in hair loss.

Best Hair Loss Treatment Centers In Singapore

Most hair loss problems are related to age. Hence, if you can start hair loss treatment at the right age, you might be able to prevent your hair from falling.

Here are the best establishments recommended by industry specialists.

1. BioRevive HairGro:

BioRevive HairGro was founded in 2010. It specializes in hair loss treatment with the help of ayurvedic herbs and Bio-Botanical nutrients. BioRevive HairGro offers a free consultation on the first visit. With your first visit, you will get a free test and analysis to know the reason behind your hair loss and what kind of hair loss treatment will suffice the problem.

BioRevive HairGro also offers color treatment using only natural and organic colors that are free from ammonia and peroxide. This ensures that you can style your hair as you want without any side effects.

2. Montara Hair Extension:

Montana Hair Extension believes that no one hair extension fits all. This is why they have a range of hair extensions. They even offer custom-made hair extensions that fit the customers’ style codes.

You will be surprised how real their hair extension looks. Montana Hair extensions are the best in the market and are drafted using synthetic raw materials that hold a closer resemblance to human hair.

3. Follicle Hair:

If you want to see a place where you can enjoy the perfect blend of technology and hair loss treatment, Follicle Hair is the place for you. It is one of the only hair loss treatment centers in Singapore that has integrated technologies for every hair treatment process.

Among all the services, they offer one of their signature hair loss treatments, “Meso Scalp Remedy.” It is only one of the few technological hair loss treatments that board-certified doctors have approved.

4. Yun Nam Hair Care:

Yun Nam Hair Care is one of those hair treatment salons that doesn’t need any introduction if you live in Singapore. With more than three decades of experience under their belt, they are one of Singapore’s best hair loss treatment centers.

Yun Nam is known for its holistic hair loss treatment, which uses Chinese medicinal herbs coupled with advanced technology. The technological treatment follows four simple processes.

  • One-on-one in-depth hair analysis.
  • Hair follicle examination.
  • Customized hair loss treatment.
  • Follow up on the treatment process.

5. Svenson Hair Care:

Svenson Hair Care is one of the oldest hair loss treatment centers in Singapore, and it has been standing since 1956. The first establishment was opened in London and then expanded to Southeast Asia. 

The key highlight of this hair care center is that they specialize in offering custom-made solutions to patients. One of their treatments is called Balance Sebum Control. It specializes in treating oily scalps using key ingredients like Glycolic acid for exfoliation.

And It’s A Wrap!

If you are suffering from hair loss, do not panic. Your first course of action should be to consult a board-certified dermatologist. It is best that you do not waste any time on home remedies if you are not certain about the result.

Additionally, when you see your dermatologist, they will go through a set of tests to see what exactly the problem is. Once they get to the root of the problem, they will offer the right hair loss treatment. Hair loss might not have a cure in many cases, but it is always better to take a better course of action.

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